The World of Luxury Yachts and Traditional Boatbuilding
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The World of Luxury Yachts and Traditional Boatbuilding

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    Hythe Engineering welcomes Adam Vince to the team.

    In perfect timing with the recent launch of Hythe Engineering’s new woodworking workshop, experienced boatbuilder and shipwright, Adam Vince, has joined the team. Adam’s exciting career in the marine industry has earned him a wealth of skill and knowledge in boat building. These skills include exterior fit-out, teak decking, exterior furniture, marine glazing, fibreglass work and joinery. 

    Adam’s career focused on the world of traditional and luxury yachts. Until recently Hythe Engineering had predominantly been involved with dockyards, working on commercial projects. Adam’s specialist knowledge of luxury and traditional boat building will boost Hythe’s diversification of additional boatbuilding services. Adam told us, “My knowledge and experience from working with luxury yacht companies has given me an attention to detail that isn’t the customer’s priority in the commercial world.”


    Adam’s career as a boat builder and shipwright

    Like most skilled tradesmen, Adam started out completing apprenticeships and building up his experience. During school, he did a Level 3 marine engineering course and then went on to complete his City and Guilds Level 4 in Boat Building and Maintenance with Oyster Yachts (then SYS). Adam stayed with Oyster Yachts for 7 years working on some of the most famous yachts in the world. Adam told us he spent most of his time there working in the restoration shed instead of on the production side, commenting that, “I was actually doing the one-off projects, rather than run-of-the-mill jobs, which was probably why I loved it so much.”

    After making the decision to move on to his next step, Adam went to a large refit project in Portchester, a motor yacht called SHEMARA. Adam started this job as a tradesman but left there as a foreman, assisting with running the exterior side of the project. Following this, Adam returned to Oyster Yachts to work on an 8-month classic refit project. 

    From there he went on to run a Wally 100 sailing yacht fit-out project at Green Marine where he was recruited for his expertise with superyacht interior and exterior interior fit-outs. Ever the explorer, Adam followed this yacht around the Mediterranean and Caribbean, before heading to Dubai for six months. Next up was a project working on a rather well known vessel, Lord Alan Sugar’s superyacht, Lady A!


    Experience with luxury and traditional yachts

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    Whilst talking to Adam it was clear that he is passionate about traditional woodwork and the history of yachts, “My favourite yachts I’ve ever worked on were a 1928 boat called Cambria, and another historic boat called Merrymaid, which were both designed by William Fife.” 

    Adam loves working on wooden, traditionally constructed boats as these restorations take a lot of specialist work and skill. “The best jobs for me are classic yachts. I love the woodworking side but there’s also a lot of history there. I find it fascinating that people manage to preserve a boat that’s wooden for such a long time, especially when they’ve survived through wars when people were melting down lead.”


    Why Adam Joined Hythe 

    Throughout his career, Adam amassed valuable experience, contacts and skills, which led him to set up his own company with a friend, who was a joiner. Adam mainly ran classic yacht projects under his own company until his partner decided to make the move to house joinery. 

    In the last few months of his own business, Adam was actually working with Hythe and decided he’d like to join the company himself, commenting, “We first started working with Hythe Engineering because they have such great connections in the dockyard. I later approached Josh (Hythe’s CEO) about a job after witnessing the relaxed but professional atmosphere at the company.”


    Adam’s role at Hythe Engineering

    Due to the current working restrictions (due to COVID-19) in the UK, Adam has yet to meet the team or have his ‘proper’ induction. Although he’s new to the company, he has already recognised the great working dynamic at Hythe Engineering, “If you’re skilled at something there’s a lot of respect there. When you’re good at what you do, they’re good to you and respect you a lot – rather than just being a number, they think highly of you.”

    Once it’s safe to do so, Adam will be looking for and working on projects involving superyachts and luxury or older boats where he can apply his boat-building expertise. Alongside maintaining its existing reputation for commercial shipbuilding, Hythe Engineering is diversifying into new areas. Adam will work with the team to make Hythe Engineering as well known for their skill on luxury and classic yachts, as they are for their knowledge of commercial projects. 

    Adam will be working in the new woodworking workshop with Pete and Mike, who actually worked alongside Adam at his old company, carrying out traditional boat renovations. In particular, Adam recalls one notable project where an old boat was actually pulled up from the bottom of a riverbed and then used as a reference to be able to recreate it, cool huh? 

    Once things are back to normal, Adam is looking forward to meeting the team and getting stuck in using his classic and luxury yacht knowledge for even more new and exciting projects with Hythe Engineering.To discuss your woodworking, traditional or luxury boatbuilding projects, get in touch with our team via the button below.