Hythe Engineering Testimonials and Customer Reviews


“Hythe has gone out of their way and over and beyond what would normally be expected from the best of our sub-contractors.”

Darren Wisdom, BAE Surface Ships Ltd.

“I wish I’d have engaged with Hythe personally years ago as your teams’ abilities and drive proved exceptional in dealing with the task in hand, jumping on evolving issues and overcoming them – so I am most grateful for all Hythe’s efforts and what we have achieved as a team.

Scott Duncan | Project Engineer | BAE Systems Maritime Services


“RN Golf has been trying to win the men’s event since 2004 and we’ve never before done the double of winning the men’s and women’s titles at the same event.

We’ve now finally done that. If it weren’t for the support of Hythe we wouldn’t have won last week.”

Mark Selway | Capt RN

“Your support and commitment to RN Golf have been instrumental in setting the conditions for the success the teams have enjoyed. On behalf of RN Golf, thank you for what you have done, and continue to do. It is hugely appreciated.”

Nick Washer | Rear Admiral | President Royal Navy Golf Association

“We have always found Hythe responsive and ready to assist. We work together to come up with the most efficient and effective method for repairs, which sometimes need a little creativity.”

John Farndell | Operations and Maintenance Manager at Tall Ships Youth Trust

“I found the Hythe team to be keen to comply with the safety measures in place, they routed cables responsibly and have been friendly when requested to amend something to a safer alternative.”

Ross Lister | SHE Associate | BAE Systems Submarines

“Hythe did an amazing job brazing a fuel line that had split whilst we were on holiday. They travelled out to us within a few hours of speaking to them on the phone and fixed it right away. We are so grateful, you guys saved our holiday, thank you so much!”

Annie Cassie | Boat Owner

“Hythe were quick to respond, especially considering COVID-19.  Their attention to detail, work ethic, craftsmanship and specialist knowledge on stainless steel works were just a few attributes that delivered this job and resolved the issue.  Well done, it was a pleasure working with you.”

Renaldo Davis | Process Engineer Porton Biopharma Ltd.

Your company has been exceptional in how they have dealt with the various technical challenges and requests for additional resource and technical support, nothing phased you. Well done, please pass on my thanks to your team.

David Lennie | Framework Director | Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Ltd.

A huge thank you from everyone here at Fawley for the work you did to help us out this week. Everyone has commented on what an outstanding job was done. It’s greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the future.

James Perkins | Site Manager | MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Many thanks for the opportunity to spend a week at your company. I was made to feel very welcome and learnt a lot working with some very good people. I didn’t think I would do a fraction of the things that I did and it has made me even more interested in continuing in engineering when I finish college.

David Brooks | work experience student

Due to the ever-changing complexity of the tasks that the vessels mechanically face, I would ask that (on request) these (Hythe) guys in the future be made a priority to our team when required after this current maintenance period ends.

Adam Shelbourne | Team Manager | BAE Systems Maritime Services