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CuNi Welding
August 22, 2023

At Hythe Marine Services, we are committed to pushing boundaries and constantly seeking ways to enhance our processes, ensuring that we deliver nothing short of the best for our clients.   With quality and process efficiency in mind, our team is embarking on a journey of innovation and improvement within our welding procedures. Recognising the need […]

royal navy golf Banner at Saunton
September 5, 2022

Hythe Marine Services (HMS) sponsors the Royal Navy Golf Association, providing support for golfing competitions and development activities for RN personnel serving at home and overseas.  This year marked the 100th RN Golf Championships. In honour of this momentous event, we spoke to Commander Steve White about HMS’ relationship with Royal Navy Golf, what they do, […]

introduction to marine engineering
July 8, 2022

What is marine or maritime engineering? Engineering uses science and maths to find solutions for real-world problems. Marine engineering deals specifically with sea vessels: ships, boats and on and offshore installations. Specifically, the science, architecture and machinery that supports them. Breaking this down further, marine engineering might involve design, repair and maintenance work, pipework, installation, […]