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Hythe Fabrication Services – a New Addition to Hythe Group of Companies

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    Josh Mathias appoints Scott Fitzgerald to head up his new company Hythe Fabrication Services

    The Hythe Group of Companies is on a journey of continuous innovation. Listening to the needs of customers, the industry, and the insight of employees that are leaders in their respective fields is bringing forward new avenues for the business.

    In their most recent move, Hythe Group’s Managing Director Josh Mathias has established a new company: Hythe Fabrication Services (HFS). Utilising decades of industry experience and the multifaceted skill of the workforce within Hythe Group Companies, HFS will expand the Group’s clientele and capabilities.

    Josh has appointed Scott Fitzgerald to lead this new venture. We spoke with Scott to find out more about his career, expertise and motivations behind the new fabrication services company.


    Introducing Scott Fitzgerald – Head of Operations at Hythe Fabrication Services

    With over twenty years of roofing and cladding experience behind him, Scott’s existing industry reputation and knowledge gives HFS a solid foundation on which to grow the business. His career took him on projects all over the world, including leading a twelve-person-strong workforce for twelve years.

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    Scott is highly skilled in all aspects of cladding. From rain screen facades, to twin skin, composite, and trochal membrane roofing, he has the experience and knowledge to lead the new company on all manner of projects. Scott commented, “Every job is different, which pushes you to develop and learn with every project you do.” There’s no challenge that Scott won’t take on, and it’s this attitude that’s led to his success and reputation within the industry.

    Speaking on what Scott will bring to this venture, Josh said, “Scott brings knowledge and experience within the roofing industry. He has run large teams and large projects within this sector and has the drive, reputation and capabilities to give a start-up the push it needs to get it off the floor.”


    Vision and Goals for the New Company

    The idea for HFS started with Scott, which he then took to Hythe Marine Services’ (HMS) Director Of Value Engineering Luke Fitzgerald. After discussing with Luke, they sat down with Josh to look into the feasibility and numbers. They came to the conclusion that it was a worthwhile venture for the Hythe Group of Companies.

    Scott explained, “Having the Group in the background of HFS was a no-brainer. What they can offer ticked all of the boxes, and the company’s reputations are an added reassurance for our future customers. HMS’ services and the team’s experience behind us puts HFS a league above the rest.”

    Josh recalled, “When Scott and Luke approached me I was intrigued. Scott has worked within Hythe Marines organisation before, and his work ethic and enthusiasm, as per his brother Luke, fits perfectly within the culture driven by the Group. The Group’s purpose is to develop environments or businesses for people to grow with and this approach has worked with Hythe Building Services and I have no doubt it will work with Hythe Fabrication Services. I look forward to building a business around Scott’s capabilities and using the Group structure to develop him, and the team that we’ll build as the company grows.“

    But it’s not a one-sided deal. HFS will open the doors for more projects for HMS and the other companies, particularly on the commercial side. First and foremost, Scott is prioritising quality. He wants to establish a class one reputation by hunting for the best of the best when it comes to materials, and ensuring everything used has long guarantees. This quality-led mindset, alongside utilising his existing client base and industry reputation puts HFS in a very strong starting position.

    In terms of projects, the new company’s workload will largely consist of industrial buildings and domestic flats. However, the team are looking forward to the challenge of taking on whatever comes through the door.

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    What is Josh Mathias’ vision for Hythe Fabrication Services?

    “We see many issues on-site, with late or incorrect deliveries, empty promises, repeated errors and poor quality finishes. The end clients or users need the reliability and quality and the ability to absorb reactive work at the same standards. This is the direction HFS will focus on in its infant years, building upon this reputation. During this time, the Hythe Group managing company will help develop the processes, education and teams to a level where the HFS management team are planning and building the company’s future.”

    – Josh Mathias, Managing Director, Hythe Group


    The Advantages for Employees and Customers

    For existing employees of HMS and other companies of the Hythe Group, this new business brings exciting opportunities for the future. Most notably, an increased workload and ability to learn or develop skills in different applications. The skills within HMS will be essential to the success of HFS. Particularly the welders as they’ll be regularly helping out when the fabrication team are creating bespoke corners.

    As a company that recognises the importance of apprentices in retaining skill, this new business has the potential to increase the number of apprenticeships being offered. Existing apprentices may also see themselves learning new skills, gaining new qualifications or working on projects they otherwise might not have been able to.

    When asked whether the new company will bring new opportunities for staff, Josh told us, “Of course! Hythe Group offers efficiencies around time, cost and experience, to support and develop existing and new operating businesses. The group will provide guidance and focus on aligning the operating companies; we want the people within each business to grow and develop the companies. Naturally, businesses will cross over in specific capabilities, but it’s about working together to offer the client the best experience. Marine and Building services are already highlighting this capability. I am confident Hythe Fabrication Services will be bringing work to both their doors and the other way around.”

    For future and existing clients of the Group, there are endless benefits. HFS will increase the services the companies can provide. Where a customer may have had to go elsewhere for metal fabrication as part of a project, it will now be available in one place.

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