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Celebrating the 100th Championship of Royal Navy Golf

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    Hythe Marine Services (HMS) sponsors the Royal Navy Golf Association, providing support for golfing competitions and development activities for RN personnel serving at home and overseas. 

    This year marked the 100th RN Golf Championships. In honour of this momentous event, we spoke to Commander Steve White about HMS’ relationship with Royal Navy Golf, what they do, and why the work is so important. 

    royal navy golf Banner at Saunton

    What is Royal Navy Golf?

    Royal Navy golf is one of the many sports offered by NAVYFit, a Royal Naval organisation focused on improving the mental and physical health of RN personnel. Fitness and well-being are at the heart of Royal Navy life, and NAVYfit helps people stay at the top of their game. 

    Royal Navy golf involves a variety of golfing activities; competitions and fixtures, across the country, for both men and women. The goal is to improve golf at all levels – whether that be those just starting out as beginners through to those who represent the Royal Navy at the highest level.

    Royal Navy Golf is committed across genders; there has been a real campaign to recruit more females into the sport while encouraging those already involved to develop their skills. The ladies held a training camp in Portugal, and key investments like this will encourage more women to take up the sport.

    Ladies in Troia royal navy golf

    What does Hythe sponsorship mean to Royal Navy Golf? 

    HMS has sponsored Royal Navy Golf since 2016, initially coming in to support a golf tour in South Africa. Since then, HMS sponsorship has enabled more training and development opportunities; better events as well as the replenishment of representative team playing kit. In Commander Steve’s words, Royal Navy Golf aims to ‘Do more, with more, for more. And that is what Hythe helps us do.’ 

    Not only does HMS sponsorship support the RN Golf Championships and The Navy Cup Golf Finals, but it also enables the RNGA to support Regional Golf competitions, essentially supporting all key golf competitions throughout the year. The funding is used for all levels which enables us to provide a level of coaching to those with an ambition to get into golf through to those who compete in either the men’s or ladies’ representative teams.  The sponsorship is a great enabler as it reduces personal contributions and allows a wider audience to still play the sport they love. It allows the Royal Navy to invest in talented players and develop those with potential. As an example, when the organisation recognises the talents of new recruits, we are able to bring them into the association and provide adequate golf coaching and experience to enable them to compete at the highest military representative level.

    Debra Vout, Sports Development Officer at the Royal Navy, explained the value of HMS sponsorship:

    “Sponsorship from Hythe Group has enabled us to support both Service men and women to compete at the top level of the military representational sport. This includes competitions, fixtures and even supporting the Royal Navy ladies’ squad competing overseas in South Africa.

    It has provided support to the Royal Navy Golf Championships and Navy Cup Finals, in which service personnel from home and abroad can compete (through the provision of professional coaching). It has helped the development of golf from the absolute beginner through to Service representation and has also enabled us to refresh the team kit worn by all our teams and players.” 

    hythe marine services and royal navy golf
    A photo of Hythe Group Managing Director Josh Mathias (left) at the RN Champs event at Saunton Golf Club.

    Steve told us, “The Royal Navy really does enjoy collaboration with Hythe and the fact that Hythe Marine Services are always taking an active interest in how their sponsorship is being used.” 

    Royal Navy Golf has implemented a structured plan and strategy for the funding provided by HMS, not just around the elite team but also, at intermediate, and regional levels across the country.  The collaboration with HMS is truly enabling Royal Navy Golf to develop into new and exciting times.

    Hythe Marine Services is looking forward to continuing its support, and can’t wait to see what the future brings. Josh Mathias commented, “Being part of the journey to build a larger and more competitive team from grassroots and within the RN for both the men and the women’s team has been great fun. I am looking forward to seeing some wins coming their way soon!” 

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