Hythe Marine Services and Sulnox Agree Partnership to Boost Maritime Sustainability

SulNOx Group Plc., a leading provider of products for fuel conditioning, emulsification, stabilisation and processing, and a Hythe Group company Hythe Marine Services have announced their recent partnership. 

Hythe Marine Services and Sulnox Agree Partnership to Boost Maritime Sustainability


The two Groups will collaborate to streamline the shipping industry’s adoption of SulNOx’s green technologies through Hythe Marine Services (HMS) expertise in the marine industry. 


Hythe Marine Services and SulNOx Group Plc.


Hythe Marine Services

HMS provides bespoke, turnkey design, engineering, fabrication and repair services to the marine industry. The team has a well-established background in both Commercial and Ministry of Defence projects, from small vessels to aircraft carriers and superyachts

“To be credible in front of the world’s most prestigious shipping companies, we must add engineering skills of the highest order to our scientific offering. Hythe Marine Services have all the necessary regulatory approvals to go aboard Naval and Merchant ships alike and have all the top-quality engineering capabilities that we need for an industry that moves over 90% of world trade. We are genuinely excited by this collaboration agreement.”

Ben Richardson, CEO of the SulNOx Group



SulNOx developed a hydrocarbon fuels conditioning and emulsifying process which enables more efficient fuel combustion, potentially leading to reduced fuel consumption and significantly lowered emissions for the shipping industry.

“As a British engineering company that has a strong connection to the Maritime Industry, we welcome the chance to work with SulNOx in the quest to help the shipping industry adopt this exciting and unique cost-saving green technology.”

Josh Mathias, Managing Director of the Hythe Group of Companies

Hythe Marine Services and Sulnox Agree Partnership to Boost Maritime Sustainability

What are the reasons behind the partnership?

Under the new partnership, SulNOx and HMS are bringing together the environmental science of SulNOx and the maritime engineering skills of HMS. 

By utilising Hythe Marine Services’s existing regulatory approvals for boarding Naval ships, customers can guarantee compliance with MoD protocol. 


What are the benefits of the partnership for customers? 

Joining forces will allow the two companies to effectively educate and deliver SulNOx’s proprietary technologies to the world’s largest shipping companies. The result is reduced fuel consumption for customers such as ship operators, which in turn reduces their costs. 

Furthermore, and arguably most importantly, the technology allows shipping companies to significantly reduce their toxic emissions. The two Groups hope the partnership will ultimately lead to a cleaner marine industry.


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