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HMS Queen Elizabeth of the British Royal Navy and Hythe Engineering

Hythe Apprentice Propels Career with Royal Navy Project

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    Hythe Engineering is assisting with the delivery of the Royal Navy Power Improvement Programme (PIP). The PIP project team draws on expertise from all Hythe divisions, showcasing the company’s impressive capabilities. Part of that team is fourth-year apprentice, Billy Bramble.


    Hands-On Experience on Prestigious Royal Navy Job

    Billy, a plater apprentice at Hythe Engineering, is gaining invaluable hands-on experience working on the high-profile Royal Navy project. Now in the final year of his apprenticeship, Billy is deployed on-site as part of Hythe’s 30-strong team carrying out installation and construction work onboard a naval vessel.

    His role enables him to utilise the practical skills he has developed through his 4-year apprenticeship, further enhancing his knowledge and employability.

    RN HMS QNLZ in scotland and Hythe Engineering

    A Wealth of Future Opportunities

    After his apprenticeship, Billy can continue advancing professionally, including potential opportunities overseas. He has his sights set on working abroad or in the oil industry. “The core skillset he’s demonstrating is transferable into most practical industries,” says Matt Cross, Project Manager,

    But his hard-working nature didn’t go unnoticed prior to this project. In 2023, Billy and Hythe apprentice Lleyton Hussey received a thank-you recognition award from the team; “They are performing well over and above the standard expected for lads of their experience and maturity.”


    Billy and Lleyton receiving their £250 Red Letter Days gift cards toward a hotel stay or day out of their choice.


    “Right from day one Billy has shown his eagerness to learn and progress in both practical and academic elements of his apprenticeship. Billy continues to impress me, his operational managers and supervisors with his great attitude and superior job knowledge.

    It has been a pleasure to witness Billy grow within the company, going from a quiet first-year apprentice to running his own team afloat. Billy, along with the rest of the 2019 apprentice cohort, are perfect examples of why the apprenticeship program is so important to Hythe Engineering.”

    Alister O’Neill, Training & Security Manager, Hythe Engineering Ltd.


    Hythe Apprenticeships: A Solid Foundation for A Life-Long Career

    Choosing the apprenticeship route over university or college has provided Billy with a solid grounding in a well-respected trade, equipping him for a career anywhere in the world.

    As well as essential trade skills, Billy has gained many traits employers look for, such as time management, communication, and taking initiative.

    The hands-on, practical learning Billy has received puts him strides ahead of a classroom-based education. He has gained real discipline through his commitment to the apprenticeship, and earned credentials recognised nationwide.


    Investing in Apprentices Secures Hythe’s Future Growth

    By investing in motivated young people like Billy through its apprenticeship scheme, Hythe Engineering is securing its future growth, and retaining the skills of our decades-served employees. All while helping young people build their careers in a very well-respected industry.

    Offering apprenticeships rather than just academic routes paves the way for more engaged, work-ready employees.

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