Hythe Engineering helps HMS Lancaster Prepare for Mission

Hythe Engineering help HMS Lancaster Prepare for Extended Bahrain Mission

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    HMS Lancaster left Portsmouth on the 22nd of August, with no plans to return until at least 2025. While docked in the naval base, Lancaster underwent maintenance work and upgrades in preparation for its extended mission. Hythe Engineering was contracted by BAE Systems to carry out a number of engineering projects on the vessel between May and July last year.

    HMS Lancaster’s Extended Mission 

    As the second major Royal Navy warship to operate out of Bahrain on a three-year security mission, Lancaster will replace HMS Montrose in the Gulf working with Allies and regional partners. The mission involves providing security to the UK and international shipping, and preventing the proliferation of arms and drug smuggling which directly impacts the security of the Middle East and Europe.

    Once in Bahrain, the 200-strong crew – including a Royal Marines boarding team and Wildcat helicopter flight – will trade places like-for-like with a second crew in the UK every four months.

    Known as ‘forward deploying’, it spares ships the month-long voyage to and from the Middle East, allowing more time to be spent on patrol, with maintenance carried out in the Gulf rather than back in the UK.

    Hythe Engineerings’ Work on HMS Lancaster

    Headed up by project manager Matthew Harbord, a team of eleven from Hythe Engineering successfully completed maintenance work on the Royal Navy warship. 

    Our engineers completed a range of capabilities, including fabrication, welding, pipework, electrical fitting, reconfiguration and various upgrades. The crew will be particularly pleased with the interior accommodation upgrades and improvements, and capability insertions in the hangar. 

    The work was delivered on budget, and within the tight timescales to get HMS Lancaster sailing again.


    Hythe Engineering and the Royal Navy

    Hythe Engineering has an established history of working to support the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence. Based in the Portsmouth Naval Base, we are in a prime position to help out with responsive projects as well as long-term maintenance works on docked vessels. Our rich experience with marine engineering has allowed us the opportunity to work on a number of Her Majesty’s vessels.

    Although some of the work we do is classified, there are some projects we’re allowed to talk about. Take a look at some of our naval case studies below. 

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