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Value Engineering: What does it mean and what is the purpose?

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    What is Value Engineering?

    Value engineering can be defined as the method of improving the value, longevity or quality of a product or service that a project produces. Most commonly applied to the construction and engineering industries, value engineering is inherent in the work that we do. The Hythe Marine Services team consider value engineering with every project they take on. They do this to continuously find new ways of improving the quality of service and results which our customers have come to expect from us.


    What is the purpose? 

    Identifying potential improvements outside of the scope of a project can have exponential benefits for a business. Similar to the concept of Kaizen, the Japanese word for “improvement” which refers to business activities that continuously improve all functions, value engineering looks beyond fixing the immediate problem or enquiry. 

    With value engineering, customers are receiving services and advice beyond what they originally envisioned. And of course, like any decision in business, there are benefits for the company offering these services as well. For us at Hythe Marine Services, we are able to extend our service offering by suggesting new and improved ways of thinking beyond the initial enquiry or concept, to build a trusted reputation and long-term relationships with our customers, all whilst showcasing our expertise within our field.

    “Value engineering is at the heart of what we do because our team use their years’ of experience to look beyond the initial task brief to ensure we exceed customer expectations by providing an even better finished product or solution than initially thought possible.”

    – Luke Fitzgerald | Technical Director at Hythe Marine Services

    Hythe Marine Services and Value Engineering

    When a company, or somebody within the defence industry, contacts the Hythe Marine Services team with a project request, we look beyond the obvious solution to see where value can be added for the customer to the scope of the task at hand. Our Technical Director, Luke Fitzgerald, reviews the request and sees where additional improvements may increase the lifeline, resilience, safety or quality of a product/service. 

    As Technical Director, Luke has extensive experience in fabricating bespoke solutions for the marine industry. He leads the team on anything from small-scale projects to supporting the Navy’s warships and composites for luxury superyachts.

    We go beyond what’s asked for, and beyond what’s expected, adding value for our customers in areas they might not have even considered.


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