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Embracing Apprenticeships: The Stories of our Five New Ambitious Learners

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    Shay Reed, Noah Tiller, Ethan Breen, Joel Claxton, and Albie Topliss 

    The world of apprenticeships is a vibrant landscape, where young people embark on their journey towards specialised skills and fulfilling careers. 

    Hythe apprentices 2023

    Meet Shay Reed, Noah Tiller, Ethan Breen, Joel Claxton, and Albie Topliss – five new Hythe apprentices with distinct backgrounds, aspirations, and passions. 

    Discovering the Value of Apprenticeships  

    For all of our new starters, the appeal of an apprenticeship stemmed from a desire for a more engaging learning experience. Hands-on training in a dynamic environment was their preferred choice over the traditional academic route.  

    Shay was drawn to the Hythe apprenticeship programme because it seemed more interesting and varied than other trade courses. “I completed a year-long course but it was quite basic and wasn’t too involved, I thought doing something like this would be more interesting. 

    Similarly, Noah Tiller’s journey into apprenticeships was driven by personal research and a connection with someone who knew about the apprenticeships at Hythe. While most of his friends pursued college education, Noah’s interest in the marine industry and desire to be involved with the city’s history has led him to the dockyard. 

    “All of my friends are in college, there’s just one other person doing an apprenticeship. I chose this apprenticeship because I wanted to go into the marine industry. I wanted to be involved with the sea, and wanted to be involved with the city.” 

     – Noah Tiller 

    The Skills and Knowledge that Set Them Apart 

    Ethan Breen’s apprenticeship story began with a foundation in engineering from a technical college. He wanted to find a more specialised path, and after some recommendations from peers (including Hythe apprentice Harrison Clack), he found himself immersed in the world of marine engineering.   

    Joel Claxton was no stranger to welding. Joel has prior experience with welding at college, which has laid a solid foundation. He’s looking forward to applying his skills to a broader range of projects, particularly on naval vessels. He found out about the apprenticeship scheme through his father’s connection to Hythe team member Luke Fitzgerald.  

    Albie Topliss came from an entirely different background of sport and spent the last year completing a B-Tech before deciding he wasn’t enjoying it as much as he had expected. After exploring different options, Albie’s uncle (who also happens to know Luke – because who doesn’t?!) told Albie about the company and the opportunities within it. Albie looked Hythe up on social media, researched the projects and decided to go for it. 

    “I liked the look of the Hythe apprenticeship because it looked like a well-run company, the projects they work on look interesting, and I would be learning a new set of skills.”

    – Albie Topliss 

    A Supportive Community 

    These five apprentices bring diverse backgrounds, skills, and passions to their respective apprenticeships, embodying the spirit of continuous learning and personal growth we embed into our culture at Hythe.  

    One common thread among these apprentices is the welcoming and supportive communities they’ve discovered within the Hythe company. They all commented on the team’s attentiveness to their progress and well-being during their induction and the community feel they’ve experienced within the company. 

    And kindly arranged by Alister O’Neill, they went on a fishing day trip with Sea Angling Classic and Angling Spirit founder Ross Honey!  

    Beyond the Workshop: The Apprentices Outside of Work 

    Outside their apprenticeships, these five young learners have diverse interests ranging from professional scooter competitions, football, racing, gym workouts and skiing.  

    In the world of apprenticeships, Shay, Noah, Ethan, Joel and Albie are a testament to the diverse paths toward acquiring specialised skills. Their experiences showcase the rich opportunities available through apprenticeship programs, and their passions beyond work highlight their well-rounded approach to personal and professional growth. 

    We greatly look forward to watching their skills, careers and characters develop as a part of our dedicated workforce.